Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here's the closest I came to a floor plan for our new house. The shape is correct and to scale, but the inner rooms are less than accurate as far as scale goes.
I drew up several designs for our house, but after going through the process enough times, most were counted out after failing to meet one or more of the following criteria.
  • Doable with one person and a backhoe/loader (at least the majority of it)
  • shape had to be easily reproducible when transferred to actual size (I needed to be able to accurately draw it in life-size scale)
  • no roof span over 18'
  • incorporate curved walls
  • compatible with/for barrel vault roof
  • compatible shape for (simple) rain catchment
  • compatible with surrounding landscape
  • distances needed to stay in check for gray water plumbing
There are other things that dictated the shape of the house, but those are some of the main targets I had for the structure. I was originally looking to build "small and cozy" but that obviously didn't pan out. Let's just say, there are two types of people in the world - those that like to live in Smurf houses, and those who don't. I myself would gladly live in one, but I'm married to an anti-smurfite, so...

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  1. We are so excited to find your blog. My husband and I have been watching your videos on youtube. We were so impressed we had to google you. Your videos are an inspiration to us, as we prepare to embark on our own journey. We are patiently awaiting any, and all updates from your home. Do you have any books or other media you could recommend to someone who could not do an internship?
    Thanks again for the awesome vids.